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At EMPpad Equine we are passionate about revolutionising equine healthcare. We believe in a proactive approach; providing our clients with a natural, long term and preventive equine health solution.

The EMPpad Equine system uses curtain based applicators to deliver world leading low frequency and intensity PEMF therapy to the horse in a time efficient and stress-free way. It is completely unique and it is a revolution in equine healthcare.


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UK Exclusive Launch – A full Body Workout in just 5 Minutes.

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The Most Advanced PEMF Therapy Interface in the World.

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World Leading Low Frequency, Low Intensity PEMF Therapy.




Read the EMPpad Equine Product Focus article by EMPpad’s Steven Harper in April’s edition of European Trainer magazine.

Read an in-depth article on equine PEMF by Professor Michael Clark in April’s edition of European Trainer magazine.


From lame horses to those working and performing at the top of their game, it’s well documented that PEMF therapy is a highly effective intervention for animals that are recovering from injury, helping them heal and rehabilitate quicker and better. While for horses already in good health PEMF offers an all-important boost that can take them closer to reaching their full potential and also protect them from increased exposure to harmful electrosmog.


The horse is automatically and non-intrusively exposed to the applied pulsed electromagnetic field via our unique curtain applicators which can be easily hung within a stable using the simple suspensory eyelets. The additional two-leg applicators supplied with the EMPpad Equine offer a more specific, local application for the lower parts of the horse. Because EMPpad Equine does not require the whole body applicator to cover or be in contact with the horse in order for it to be effective, it provides a practical, gentle and stress-free experience for the animals.



EMPpad are  very excited  to offer a rental option on our Equine Complete PEMF system. The rental period is for 8 weeks and offers the facility to buy the system afterwards.

Visit our Rental Agreement page to begin the process. If you have any questions about our rental option, please contact us today and one of our sales advisors will help.

Feedback from our Customers

  • Tamara's tendon injury. Since this tendon injury she has been on box rest and limited exercise. We have used the [EMPpad Equine] leg wrap on a twice daily basis for 8 minutes each time and during controlled exercise in walk. She is no longer lame and the swelling has reduced. Our vet is impressed with the improvement seen over such a short time.
  • Bobby, 22 year old riding school horse. Bobby was losing weight, intermittently lame, had summer off. Came back into yard in November and has been standing in the [EMPpad Equine] curtains almost twice daily for 5 weeks. Is now back in use in the Riding School, no lameness and is gaining weight and much happier in himself.

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EMPpad Equine has been specifically designed to deliver profound and even life changing health benefits for almost any horse. Find out how EMPpad Equine can help you care for your horse.
EMPpad Equine for Horse and Rider


EMPpad Equine is ideally suited to the treatment of multiple horses. The unique design of our curtain applicator works without the  additional weight of treatment blankets or battery packs. Find out  EMPpad Equine can care for your entire stable.
EMPpad Equine or Riding Stables


EMPpad Equine enables your horse to train and compete harder, for longer, and recover more quickly.
To find out how EMPpad Equine can help your horse reach its full potential.
EMPpad Equine for Elite Performance


PEMF therapy is supported by high quality research, and a growing number of medical and veterinary practitioners worldwide. Find out how EMPpad Equine can enhance your practice.
EMPpad Equine for Practitioners


EMPpad PEMF technology uses low frequency, low intensity pulsed electromagnetic field technology to target the cells within the body and worldwide research has demonstrated that this can help to ‘jump start’ the healing process at a cellular level. Regular use of EMPpad PEMF therapy can help result in profound and even life-changing health benefits for both riders and their horses.


Over 40 Years of Research

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy has been successfully used on both humans and horses since the 1970s. Reports of enhanced speed and endurance of racehorses treated with electromagnetic fields emerged during this time and led to increased public awareness. Horses were returning to racing from injury stronger and faster than before and this gave rise to significant interest in PEMF therapy for both human and animal use. Extensive worldwide research has been conducted on the effects of PEMF therapy on cellular physiology, including a 4 year research project by NASA in 2003, which discovered numerous benefits resulting from the application of pulsed electromagnetic fields. The evidence continues to grow.

Please find a selection of high quality research studies below, highlighting the beneficial effects of PEMF therapy. Because cellular physiology is near identical across many different animals, all research findings can be applied to the equine species.

If you have any questions about the scientific research behind EMPpad Equine please contact us.